About the Film

This nightmare is real; this horror story actually happened.

Based on the true-crime biography "Evil Obsession" by Nellie Yost, "Evil at Cook's Farm" “EVIL OBSESSION” is the explosive True Crime Horror Story of America’s First Female Mobster, Annie Cook, who ran “the Little Chicago of the West”, and controlled its elected officials, as well as all the gambling, banks, and town brothels, and turned the County “Poor Farm” into a virtual Prison, where she imprisoned the society’s homeless, poor, destitute, needy, and orphans …. in 1930s North Platte, Nebraska.

“EVIL OBSESSION” is…… Charlize Theron’s Academy Award Winner “MONSTER” ….Meets…. Stephen King’s “SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION”, which between them won 3 Academy Awards and Golden Globes, and garnered over 10 Academy Award Nominations. They have also been named as two of the top American Film’s 100 best films of all time.

Annie Cook infected the 1930s Nebraska landscape with terror, lust, and greed to build a depraved criminal empire…until the least likely of her victims proved that…. “Although Evil is contagious….So is Goodness”. As in Shawshank Redemption, this story shows how a hopeless population under the thumb of a corrupt despot can rise up, and how eventually good prevails.

Evil Obsession is also a story of “Isolation and Imprisonment” and “The Power of Hope”. Hope, more than anything else, drives the county poor, the dispossessed, and the orphans at Annie Cook’s farm….and gives them the will to live. Their sheer determination to maintain their own sense of self-worth and escape keeps him from dying of frustration and anger in deadly confinement.

The story pits Annie Cook, a pie-baking, pitchfork-wielding psychopath, against her polar opposite, Ruth Spangler, an odd but brave young girl who refuses to look the other way as Annie infects a Nebraska town with terror, lust, greed and savagery.

Summer time. A slender girl limps along a country road at the edge of Cook’s farm. Her club-foot makes walking an effort, but even during a drought, the windswept farmscape is beautiful… until she sees a terrifying sight, a human skeleton runing towards her through the fields. Incongruent as a death camp survivor in a Turner painting.

The girl can't help herself. One night Ruth sneaks out of her house and creeps through the farm orchards to spy on the farmhouse filled with "witches." Starving, ragged hags, some too infirmed to speak. It's frightening and wrong through a child's eyes. But it only fires her curiosity. She stays to watch…

At night the farmhouse is lit like a carnival. Music. Dozens of automobiles and strangers. The Mayor and town doctor are feasting. Forbidden Liquor. City Councilmen fight drunkenly in the yard. And everywhere… women, screeching, laughing, even Annie Cook's daughter Clara… too young to be up late with a man, without her clothes.

It's enough to break a young girl's mind; gypsy predictions, starving old men, mutilations, opium dens, abandoned corpses, sex slaves. One child dares to look, to open the closed doors. To really see. Ruth Spangler keeps her eyes open, even when she prays. That's how she meets Annie Cook, at a prayer meeting, smiling, staring right back at her.

Part Godfather, part serial killer, Annie Cook is living proof that monsters do exist. In North Platte, Nebraska, she perverted an entire community as she killed, maimed and tortured her way into a position of unstoppable authority. At the peak of her power, prayer meetings co-existed with prostitution, bootlegging was as common as barn-raising, and murderers came in broad daylight - wearing uniforms and badges.

Evil at Cook’s Farm begins with mystery, takes us on a wild ride into a world of genuine evil, and ends with redemption. In the process, we learn from a fragile but brave girl the universal truth that makes this dramatic horror story ultimately rewarding…

Evil is contagious.

But so is Courage.

…And So is Goodness.